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What is the cost to run the system?

Approximately two-thirds the cost of traditional CIP cleaning.


Will Pulse Oxidation reduce the dairy unit’s Carbon footprint? And if so, by how much?

Pulse Oxidation’s cold-water operation eliminates the energy required to heat the cleaning water. Additionally, the carbon associated in producing, transporting and packaging (plastic barrels) the cleaning chemicals is also eliminated from the unit’s carbon footprint, for example Oxi-Tech will reduce a 250 cow herd’s carbon footprint by over 5t per year.


Are there any external side effects?

There are no side effects to the milk or water and there are no environmental residues leached into the soil or groundwater.


Is the Oxi-Tech system easy to install and operate?

Yes, installation is a straightforward process connecting the existing parlour wash system to the Oxi-Tech components accommodated in a stand alone 1m x 1.5m slimline black steel box either wall mounted or mobile. Once installed, the Oxi-Tech system is easy to operate, requiring minimal input.


Can I retro-fit Pulse Oxidation to my existing milking system, conventional or robotic?

Yes, Oxi-Tech recommends this as simple and straight forward to install; it provides a cost-effective solution.


Will Pulse Oxidation corrode my milking equipment?

Pulse Oxidation has been observed to be less corrosive to equipment than caustic chemicals. A water softener, if required, will be recommened during our initial survey.

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