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Groundbreaking solution in Agri-Tech: Oxi-Tech’s Pulse Oxidation, a gamechanger in sanitation: log on to 10 mins footage

If you would like to learn out more about Oxi-Tech’s Pulse Oxidation, the game changer in water sanitation that leaves no chemical footprint, then take 10 out and log on to

You’ll find Oxi-Tech’s CEO Paul Morris on platform with Newicon’s CSO Mark Probert at the GAIA 2024 conference discussing how the tech company has harnessed the most effective industrial biocide on the planet using just water and low voltage electricity. Pulse Oxidation is currently being successfully introduced to the dairy sector, and it has numerous other potential applications, for example in hospitals.

Paul explains how Pulse Oxidation energises cold water to create a clean but powerful disinfectant that includes a range of activated oxygen molecules which are globally recognised as powerful microbial biocides, killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa.

Furthermore, the process is both operator and environmentally safe. Once the activated oxygen has undertaken disinfection, any remaining molecules simply revert to oxygen and water, consequently there are no side effects and there are no residual chemicals left behind to leach into the soil or groundwater.


Pulse Oxidation Dairy (POd) for Robotic Systems eligible for Defra’s Improving Farm Productivity grant

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