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Oxi-Tech’s Pulse Oxidation Dairy (POd) for Robotic Systems

Significant energy cost savings; chemical free disinfection

Dairy farmers can go chemical free and make significant cost savings to cleaning their existing milking cleaning systems by introducing Oxi-Tech’s Pulse Oxidation Dairy (POd).

Both conventional and automated milking systems are now able to integrate POd, a retro-fit clean-tech system which uses approximately 50 times less energy than conventional systems, equating to running just one laptop and four low energy light bulbs.

Pulse Oxidation energises cold water to create a clean but powerful disinfectant that includes a range of activated oxygen molecules which are globally recognised as powerful microbial biocides, killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa, including chlorine resistant Cryptosporidium, providing a more effective disinfection treatment than hypochlorite or peracetic acid.

Furthermore, POd is both operator and environmentally safe. Once the activated oxygen has undertaken disinfection, any remaining molecules simply revert to oxygen and water, consequently there are no side effects to the milk or water, and there are no residual chemicals left behind to leach into the soil or groundwater. POd also features next generation software with secure cloud data and remote phone App monitoring which optimizes the unique system.

Oxi-Tech’s Paul Morris explains: “We want to wean the sector off chemicals and POd provides a solution. We have harnessed the most effective industrial biocide on the planet using just water and low voltage electricity in a process called Pulse Oxidation.

“In addition to significantly reducing the energy required to heat up to 1,000 litres of water a day on some units, POd for example when introduced to a robotic system is estimated to reduce a 250-cow herd’s carbon footprint by over 5t per year. The figure includes the carbon associated in producing and transporting cleaning chemicals in blue plastic barrels and their disposal.”

  • Installing POd for Robotic Systems is a straightforward process connecting the existing wash system to the Oxi-Tech components accommodated in a stand-alone 1m x 1.5m slimline black steel box, either wall mounted or mobile. POd requires one bi-annual service.

Further information from [email protected]

Pulse Oxidation Dairy (POd) for Robotic Systems eligible for Defra’s Improving Farm Productivity grant

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